The New ‘Eclipse’ Poster Has Been Released, Let the Analysis Begin!

Hey guys, you know how there’s this movie Eclipse coming out on June 30? Well the one-sheet poster for the film has made its way onto the Internet, offering some crucial clues as to what moviegoers might expect.

It seems that this Bella Swan character is in the middle of that Edward Cullen guy and that Jacob Black dude. Almost as if she’s caught in the middle of them. Hmm; does this indicate some sort of struggle or decision on to be made on Bella’s part? This symbolism stuff is hard.

Oh, wait; there’s the tagline: “It all begins…with a choice.” Well, mystery solved, then!

You heard the poster, people; it all begins with a choice. So express your choice in the comments section: Is the Eclipse poster the best thing in the world, ever, or the greatest disaster ever created by the movie industry?