'Wife Swap' Spoiled Brat Wants $100 Million From ABC And She Wants It Now!

'Wife Swap' Spoiled Brat Wants $100 Million From ABC And She Wants It Now!-photo

A New York teenager whose family appeared on ABC's Wife Swap, is suing the network and their parent companies for $100 million for allegedly portraying her in a negative light.

Alicia Gustafarro and her family appeared on an episode on Wife Swap where Alicia was described as being a "pageant queen" who received anything she wanted from her parents. Alicia has a purse with her picture on it, a year-round Christmas tree for gifts from her parents and she openly expected her parents to do her homework.

The rest of Alicia's family didn't exactly come off as mature, responsible parents. Her father who ran a "successful window tinting business" and would say sleazy sexist remarks throughout the show. Unsurprisingly, Alicia's parents plead guilty to felony money laundering charges in 2009. Maybe that explains why Alicia is desperate for dough? Those photo-printed handbags aren't going to pay for themselves now that daddy's in jail!

Alicia says that the Wife Swap team fed her scripted lines and took advantage of her to portray her as a spoiled brat. Because of the way she acted on the show, Alicia says she was the subject of bullying at school and was forced to complete high school through a special program. Apparently that special high school program came with a $100 million price tag.

Watch the video of Alicia's introduction on Wife Swap and a local news story about her family's spoiling of her below. (And ignore the annoying subtitles):



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  • Karen

    Odd enough, just saw this episode. It's a damn shame, because Alicia had TWO loser parents where they are both the problem - they focused entirely on their daughter's looks and literally NOTHING else. Her parents shot down any other achievement she managed. They left her poorly educated -- and as time moves on she'll find that the mom in the mom swap certainly could have given her an inner self-confidence her own mother never could have.

  • Ryan

    This is the perfect example of the harm "reality tv" has done to America. It seems that a scandal results from every show. When will the networks learn?

  • chloe1220

    [quote=what the]sterilize them all before they make more! agree!!!!!

  • sophie1986

    This is so crazy, it might work.

  • what the
    what the

    sterilize them all before they make more!

  • wtf

    Another graduate of the "Lindsay Lohan School for How to Make Money Off of Other People"........................geez, grow up.