Brad Pitt Is Slowly Morphing Into Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt Is Slowly Morphing Into Johnny Depp-photo

Sure, Brad Pitt is a talented, good-looking actor, but is it possible that he has a SWM thing going on with Johnny Depp?

Depp's unique style has been pretty much set in stone over the past decade. He has a little bit of a Blue-Oyster-Cult-groupie-from-1978 thing going on, and we guess it works for him. Not every male actor has to dress in a suit everyday, and a man should have the freedom to throw on a jaunty scarf or knee-length cowboy coat once in awhile.

However, over the past few months, Brad Pitt's own style has been beginning to become more Depp-esque: he has started to sport a beard, wear scarves and debut strange hats in his personal appearances.

According to E! News, the two have been spotted spending time together while Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp film The Tourist in Italy. So maybe Depp is guiding Pitt into his mysterious gypsy sartorial world?

E! suspects that the two men have adopted these looks to make the public stop lusting after them. Kinda like how college girls will shave their heads and wear cargo shorts for a few months after their first gender studies class.

Even if the two are beginning to look more and more like eccentric Japanese art collectors, we don't think the look is completely unappealing. Our at least we are pretty sure that their beautiful significant others don't mind their style that much.



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  • Jess

    AGREED. there is NO comparison between the 2...JOHNNY is the MAN! brad is gay!!

  • Bull figher
    Bull figher

    Brad has been evolving with his own personal style, he's still sexy and hasn't resorted to the fake, stiff look of many men his age. He's wearing a beard and it suits him, more masculine. Why the comparisons, two different individuals with their own unique style. Brad, your gorgeous and I'm so glad you found Ange, being a dad is so cool.

  • mayra lopez
    mayra lopez

    johnny is gorgeous,and unique,what are you talking about??

  • Caz.

    Never in a million years could Brad Pitt ever be like Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is UNIQUE. Brad Pitt is just a WANNABE.

  • liz

    Nice try, Beardo. Depp is the man! lol Word

  • sophie1986

    Nice try, Beardo. Depp is the man!