‘Jersey Shore’ Kids To Finally Give World The Official Guido Guidebook

America’s favorite Jersey Shore stars (no, not Snooki or The Situation) are reportedly writing the book! That’s right, J-WoWW and Ronnie are teaming up to write the tome we have all been patiently waiting for: a guide on how to be a guido.

The book is rumored to be published by St. Martin’s Press, who’s list of authors includes none other than GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and the fabulous Jackie Collins. Sounds like our guidos are in good company.

The book is reported to be titled Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore (which is odd since Ronnie supposedly did fall in love at the Shore with Sammi Sweetheart) and will be a “Guido guide on how to maintain that distinctive Jersey Shore look and attitude.” We can’t wait!