Jesse James Can Add “Alleged Rapist” To List Of Accomplishments

Should Sandra Bullock have seen Jesse James’ bad behavior coming? Deann McClung, spoke out in 2005, right after Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were married, that James had sexually harassed and raped her when she worked for him in 2000.

McClung worked at James’ West Coast Choppers shop from 1999-2000 and claims that he forced her to perform oral sex on him outside of the Queen Mary (what is with this guy and the Queen Mary?) and then fired her for refusing his further sexual advances.

McClung sued James in 2000 for sexual harassment, reportedly 3 years before he met Sandra. The two eventually settled out of court in 2001.

However, in 2005, McClung gave a “blistering” interview to a reporter, telling the reporter that James is a monster, that Sandra should “run” and that she believes James had conned Sandra into believing he was a good guy.

In court papers filed in 2000, James denied that he had sexually harassed McClung.

In other news, Sandra Bullock’s team has broken their silence about James and Bullock’s marital problems and reported that the rumors that Bullock was shopping around for a divorce lawyer are “completely false.” Right, because who wouldn’t want to hold onto this amazing Neo-Nazi-sexing alleged rapist?