Jon Stewart Stars Alongside Plastic Leading Lady For Charity (PHOTOS)

On Monday night, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart did a thing that would have made thousands of snarky twentysomething aspiring playwrights very happy and performed in an amateur play.

This wasn’t just any old play, it was written by an 8-year-old girl from New York who is an aspiring playwright. Jon acted in the play as part of a benefit for Story Pirates, a charity that encourages New York children to pursue creative careers.

The play’s plot centered around Jon Stewart’s character, an “un-Ken-like” man, who falls in love with Barbie and attempts to woo her through non-traditional methods. Hey, it sounds a lot better than some rom-coms being put out by Hollywood right now.

At one point during the play, Jon Stewart lifted his shirt and showed Barbie his brown armpit hair because a line called for him to show off his luscious brown hair (and Stewart is pretty much gray on top by now).

Other celebrities were in attendance, including The Daily Show’s John Oliver who, like Jon, said he discovered his love for performing and comedy when he was around the age of the young playwright being featured at the event.

Sounds cute! Although we can’t say the same for Barbie’s performance. She’s just another plastic bimbo scooting by in Hollywoodon her looks.