Robert Pattinson Fans To Now Lust Over a Hunk of Wax

Robert Pattinson Fans To Now Lust Over a Hunk of Wax-photo

Rejoice, Robert Pattinson fans; your favorite sexy vampire has now been cloned! At least in wax form. Behold, the finished R-Pattz wax figure that the craftsmen of Madame Tussauds  have been painstakingly working on for the past several weeks. It's so realistic, you can practically catch the whiff of questionable hygiene coming off of it over the Internet.

But impressive as the statue is, it does bring up an interesting conundrum: How will they keep this thing from melting when it's obviously so hot?

The Robert Pattinson wax figure premieres at the New York and London branches of Madame Tussauds  on March 25—which, if you check your calendar, is tomorrow. Twi-hards, buy your plane tickets...



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  • Isabell Jahn
    Isabell Jahn

    the wax figure looks much better than the real rob!

  • chris

    It's about time. I don't know why this took so long. It was an obvious thing to do.

  • roeschs3

    Soo creepy. That poor dude. First the snuggle pillows with his face on them? and now this! lol I actually might think that the snuggle pillows are worse.

  • lukreng

    i love you

  • willow

    Urgh so creepy and weird! Madame Tussauds is just a little to weird for me, most of the celebs wax statues their look nothing like the real person or they are just really freaky and weird,

  • Jennifer

    lol! It does look like James Van Der Beek! Good call : )

  • kami

    No se parece mucho

  • yeah

    I'd take that wax figure of him home given the opportunity...

  • wtf

    doesnt even look like the dude.

  • :D


  • hispanicatthedisco

    They could probably use this thing to film Breaking Dawn and no one would know the difference. Not so much because of the resemblance, but because his acting skills are so nonexistent.

  • Lin

    This wax figure looks more like James Van Der Beek than Robert Pattinson. Sorry, but it's true. How disappointing. Rob never stands like this, he's very shy and funny and this wax thing is not. This figure is tough, looks kind of dangerous to me. They should have waited for Rob. Although I believe that Rob deserves a wax figure for being such a good actor, I think that all this is a bit too soon. He's not a marketing tool, he's a marketing machine. Poor Rob, everybody's trying to make money on you.

  • Emma

    It doesn't look much like him to me. He's too tanned.

  • Claudia

    Looks good, not identical though. But hey, it could never be as good as the real thing!

  • obsessed

    looks exactly like him! this is so creepy