Robert Pattinson Fans To Now Lust Over a Hunk of Wax

Rejoice, Robert Pattinson fans; your favorite sexy vampire has now been cloned! At least in wax form. Behold, the finished R-Pattz wax figure that the craftsmen of Madame Tussauds  have been painstakingly working on for the past several weeks. It’s so realistic, you can practically catch the whiff of questionable hygiene coming off of it over the Internet.

But impressive as the statue is, it does bring up an interesting conundrum: How will they keep this thing from melting when it’s obviously so hot?

The Robert Pattinson wax figure premieres at the New York and London branches of Madame Tussauds  on March 25—which, if you check your calendar, is tomorrow. Twi-hards, buy your plane tickets…