Today On The Internet: Sue’s Corner

You guys ready for this? Check out the best of the best of what’s buzzing around the ‘net today. You WON’T be sorry:

  • Glee’s Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) something to say about the gays in her latest edition of “Sue’s Corner” — stop being so dang sneaky! (Buzzfeed)
  • Some super cool celebrities who are auctioning off some of their handmade crafts to help Haiti. Check it out! (Crafts For A Cause)
  • Everything you need to know about the Sandra Bullock cheating scandal in 100 seconds. (Videogum)
  • George Bush thinks Haitians are icky! (Dlisted)
  • Super Mario Brothers sushi is sorta, kinda, amazing.  (The Daily What)
  • DAILY CUTENESS CHALLENGE: OMG, this cat has totally seen the future. If you find anything cuter on the Internet today, post it in the comments. We dare you. (Funny or Die)