Britney Spears' Twitter Hacked By French Man Because He Hated Our Freedom

Britney Spears' Twitter Hacked By French Man Because He Hated Our Freedom-photo

An unnamed 24-year-old French man was arrested on Tuesday for hacking into President Barack Obama's--and more importantly--Britney Spears' Twitter accounts. Oh, the damage he could have caused with access to someone's Twitter. Thank God this menace has been nabbed!

In April of 2009, the French man hacked into both Twitter accounts by guessing the "secret" question that companies will often use to retrieve passwords for users.

The man could face up to two years in prison and a fine up to $40,000.

The man didn't post any tweets under the accounts but took screenshots of the accounts to prove that he had successfully hacked into the accounts. Apparently, he just hacked into them to "prove he was capable" of hacking.

Dude, what is even the point of hacking into two of the world's most powerful tweeters (yes, you heard that right) if you aren't going to post a tweet under their name? Imagine how funny your geeky internet pals would have found it if you tweeted "b00bz b00bz b00bz!!!1!" from a famous person's Twitter? This is exactly why the French haven't won a war since Napoleon.



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  • Tferraz89

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  • krishnah47

    I'm sorry but I think this end of article is just flat out meaning-less!! First of all I find it so unfair that this man could get sentenced!!! I mean think about it. He actually did Obama, Britney a favor!! I mean come on!! He was able to hack the accounts so easily!! If he hadn't made that known, someone with bad intentions could have used this lacking security system against these people!! I don't see why he should be punished just because the security level is just off track!!! With America being so afraid of terrorism.... it should be a strong vault that never screws up!!! Not a leaking one that just uses blood and injustice to fill in the holes!! And afterwards, you have the guts to insult the French just because the guy wasn't IMMATURE enough to go and tweet, and I quote: "b00bz b00bz b00bz!!!1!". Where do you come from?? Do you realize that you're trying to give him a bad role because he didn't USE of his power to do EVIL?????? Do you seriously realize that???? FIY, good people still do exist!! Let's let them keep on living and not try to reduce them to your level of meanness, please! If you don't do it for yourself, do it for humanity! Thanks for you time...