BUZZINGS: LeAnn Rimes And Tiger Woods Used To Date Back When That News Would Have Been Surprising

LeAnn Rimes dated Tiger Woods back in 2002 but had to call it off because her dad flipped out over the “age difference.” Sure… it was the “age difference” that made you upset, Mr. Rimes. Oh well, bullet dodged LeAnn! (What Would Tyler Durden Do?)

Modern Family’s sexy Sofia Vergara was originally going to school to become a sexy dentist before she decided to pursue a sexy career in sexy acting. Sexy. (Starpulse)

• PETA convinced human freak show Ocotomom to let them post pictures in front of her house urging people to spay and neuter their pets. Because if there is anyone who is a more convincing advertisment against any type of pregnancy, it is Octomom. (PopEater)

Jamie Foxx has been snagged to write the script for the film remake of Laverne and Shirley. Foxx’s former writing credits include From G’s to Gents and The Jamie Foxx Show, so, you know, it makes perfect sense for him to write this new script. (Dlisted)

• A semi-literate groupie named Kat Stacks pens a typo-riddled blog about her adventures and claims that rapper Cassidy gave her friend HIV after the two had unprotected sex. Remember kids: never trust B-list rappers when they tell you they are clean, always practice safe sex. (Bossip)