Gabourey Sidibe Is Reportedly Too Big For 'Vogue,' Says Starving Fashionistas

Gabourey Sidibe Is Reportedly Too Big For 'Vogue,' Says Starving Fashionistas-photo

Breakout star and Oscar nominee Gabby Sidibe has enjoyed increasing success since she starred in the film Precious, but apparently all that talent and fame aren't enough to get her into the pages of American Vogue.

Bitchy fashion "insiders" have dished that Gabby is considered to be "a joke" in the fashion community because of her weight and that "it would be impossible to get a regular-sized girl in [Vogue's sample sizes], let alone Gabby." Yeesh, can someone give these old fashion crabs some carbs? We've heard that starvation can turn into a mean person, but we didn't realize it was this bad.

However, Vogue has managed to squeeze "regular-sized" girls into their alleged limited run of sample-sized items, so that excuse seems a little thin. And Gabby has already graced the cover of fashion magazine V, so it seems a little strange that the fashion community is now rejecting her. Maybe the anonymous "fashion insiders" are just upset that someone is allowed to eat in Hollywood?

Vogue's Editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour does have a reputation for having high standards when it comes to plus-sized people appearing in her magazine. She famously had the plus-sized designing sisters of Rodarte go on a diet and see a trainer for Vogue's "shape" issue and she had once requested that Oprah lose weight for her cover story in 1998. So, it wouldn't be surprising if Wintour denied Gabby a spread in the magazine based on her weight.



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  • dana

    to Rosie: is fashion only for people of a certain size? You said you're not skinny: do you go around in a potato sack just because you're not skinny? Do you know how many "skinny" people are actually unhealthy from eating disorders and smoking to maintain their "look"??!! Get a grip, ROSIE!!!!!

  • Woman

    Who cares what Vogue thinks? I bought that magazine for a plane flight, and it was more concerned about botox treatements and staying young? They are out-of-touch with real beauty and extremely pretentious.

  • Monica

    that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard! gabby sidibe is an amazing actress and such a great, beautiful person. but i guess the bitches over at vogue aren't okay with girls actually EATING and being normal!!!! if they're gonna bitch about her weight & not realize she's beautiful on the inside AND outside (unlike them) then she's wayyy too good for vogue! she's gonna become one of the biggest stars in hollywood & then they'll realize how stupid they are!


    Gaby became a breakout star and oscar nominee only because of her acting skills, not because her body or looks. In the movie Precious she played a role which represents reality and not fabled-fantasy, so I think she should stop worrying about her body size or her looks or Anna Wintour----- she should just concentrate on her acting skills....because to be a great actress you don't need a super slim body or super good just need to be passionate and love your acting career........

  • Rosie

    I think the Vogue people are doing the right thing, why would they want to promote someone who is obese? I am by no means a skinny person and I don't agree with them having super skinny people on their cover either. Vogue is a FASHION magazine and Gaby has nothing to do with fashion. Her movie was great, but she should probably think about getting healthy.

  • sophie1986

    I love this girl! I just wanna squeeze her cheeks all day long!!! Which ones? Up or down? I'm guessing down, you naughty girl...

  • roeschs3

    I love this girl! I just wanna squeeze her cheeks all day long!!!