James Franco: Actor, Model, Dreamboat and... Author!?

James Franco: Actor, Model, Dreamboat and... Author!?-photo

Actor James Franco is currently studying for his MFA in Creative Writing at both Columbia University and NYU, so it makes sense that he would be shopping around his short stories, looking for someone to publish them.

Well, it looks like Franco found a place to publish his work, a little-known magazine called Esquire! (And we're sure him landing this gig had nothing to do with the fact he is a famous, dreamboat actor from dreamboat island.)

Franco's first piece of published literature is a short story titled "Just Before the Black." The tale is about "the moment right before you die." Sounds...college-creative-writing-workshop-y!

Some critics are panning Franco's jump into writing, telling him to "stick to stoner flicks and perfume ads." Oh come on, it isn't terrible, and it reads a lot better than most stuff seen in creative writing workshops full of 25-year-olds with a Tumblr and an attitude.

Now, Franco is our imaginary boyfriend so we do kinda have to be nice to him, but we do hope he continues trying to make his fiction-writing dreams come true.



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  • sophie1986

    He can sail his dreamboat into my harbor anytime he wants...

  • chichilavie

    Such a dreamboat from dreamboat island!! Spot on.