Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress Number Four, Come On Down!

Will anyone who hasn’t slept with Jesse James at this point please stand up? And give yourself a big hand for displaying at least some modicum of taste?

Following this morning’s claims by photographer Brigitte Daguerre that she had a fling with the Monster Garage star—who is, at the moment anyway, still married to Sandra Bullock—a fourth “other woman” has stepped into the fray to lay claim to the glory of having bedded James.

Oh, and she’s being represented by Gloria Allred, so obviously this will be handled in as low-key a manner as possible.

The still-unnamed Mistress Number 4 alleges that she carried on an illicit relationship that spanned several years and may have ended as recently as a few weeks ago. The anonymous other woman also claims that she has hundreds of text messages, e-mails and photos confirming their relationship. (When will men ever learn? If you must cheat, don’t leave a trail! Has Tiger taught you nothing?)

According to Allred, 

“I represent a beautiful model and businesswoman. She had a three year intimate relationship with Jesse James. He pursued her and had strong feeling [sic]  for her. She is in the process of trying to decide if she will come forward. She has proof of their relationship including hundreds of text messages, emails and photos. The relationship JUST RECENTLY ENDED after the scandal broke.”

Of course, is there any chance that Allred won’t convince this mystery woman to come forward, if it means more camera time for the famously publicity-hungry attorney?