Jesse James Asked To Prove He is Really A Vanilla Gorilla In ‘Playgirl’

Playgirl magazine is reportedly offering alleged cheater and rapist, Jesse James, $500,000 to pose nude. Because if there is one thing that gets women turned on, it is cheating husbands and men accused of sexually harassing women.

Michelle McGee reported that James was well-endowed and that she would call him “the Vanilla Gorilla” because of large package.

Now, Playgirl wants proof that James is in the running to be the next Uncle Miltie, and wants him to bare all in a “circus freak”-themed spread.

Well, if Sandra Bullock does indeed divorce James, he might need some money when she packs up her cash truck and moves on, so maybe James should consider pursuing a career in porn to pay the bills? We’re sure his alt porn mistress McGee would be more than willing to give him tips!