New Jesse James Mistress Talks, Reveals Monkey Fetish In Seduction Technique

Looks like Jesse James’ number of alleged mistresses is rising. How long before he reaches Tiger Woods-level numbers?

A Los Angeles photographer named Brigitte Daguerre claims that she had a one year “fling” with Jesse in 2008 after he hired her to do “styling work” for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot.

Daguerre claims that the pair only had sex four times but exchanged 195 dirty sexts–most of which, TMZ claims, are too graphic for publication–except for this gem of a seduction technique pulled by Jesse:

“I’ll be your monkey.”

Erotic! What gal wouldn’t get turned on by this vanilla gorilla/monkey hunk of man?

Look, we realize that Jesse runs a somewhat successful motorcycle business, but how does he convince so many women to sleep with him?

It is already a surprise James bagged Sandra Bullock, considering the guy looks like a He-Man doll left out in the sun for too long and appears to travel with a trashy crowd. How is this guy raking up women right and left? Is monkey/gorilla imagery really that stimulating?