BUZZINGS: Why Did Lindsay Lohan Fall Down? Oh, Just Take A Guess

• Why did Lindsay Lohan fall face-first into some plants earlier this week? Well, why does Lohan ever embarrass herself while out on the town? The answer is booze, people. (What Would Tyler Durden Do?)

Lady GaGa is reportedly teaming up with eyewear designer Linda Farrow to fiercely design some of the fiercest sunglasses that ever fierced. (Starpulse)

• The ever gracious Hayden Panettiere tells a Japanese fishing village known for dolphin hunting that she would be willing to be the town’s spokesperson if they gave up dolphin hunting. Japanese fishing town replies, “uh, Hayden who?” (PopEater)

Jesse James made a citizen’s arrest on an unnamed paparazzo, alleging that the pap was “stalking” him. Celebrities everywhere respond: “Wait, we can do that?” (Huffington Post)

Robert Culp, star of I Spy, has died. He died after collapsing in front of home and hitting his head on the sidewalk. He was 79. (Wonderwall)