Guy Dressed As Lady GaGa On Chatroulette Is Happening (VIDEO)

Guy Dressed As Lady GaGa On Chatroulette Is Happening (VIDEO)-photo

What's better than drag queens on Chatroulette? Um....drag queens dressed as Lady GaGa and dancing to "Telephone" on Chatroulette. This is epic stuff, people.

Don't wait one more second, check out this amazing video below and let us know what you would do if you saw this guy on your computer screen in the comment section!



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  • Shannon C
    Shannon C

    i truly, TRULY want to marry this man.

  • steve's friend
    steve's friend

    i know him!

  • poopbrain

    I'm going to marry Steve one day.

  • hellothere1234

    HA!HA! that was sooo funny stef its funny noone wanted ur opinion on lady gaga its all for laughs noones judging her.........

  • stef

    I thinkladg gaga is amazing! She may have weird taste in clothes but it actully refreshing to have that instead of loads of girl and boy bands coming out. Sometimes the music is all the same to me. No diffrent from the next group of people. she has idividuality and we should all be open to that.