Jennifer Love Hewitt Completes Spurned-Woman Transformation With Lifetime Movie Role

So, after yet another ill-fated shot at love, Jennifer Love Hewitt has found herself single once again. Is it any surprise that she’s seeking comfort, like millions of lonely women before her, in the warm embrace of the Lifetime Channel?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hewitt—who split with her most recent boyfriend Jamie Kennedy earlier this month, has signed on to star in a Lifetime original movie tentatively titled The List. Hewitt will play a former beauty queen in a small Texas town whose husband is injured, threatening the couple with a home foreclosure. According to the plot synopsis,

“Convinced that no one as pretty as her deserves to be poor, she takes a job at a massage parlor, only to learn that the clients expect more than a rubdown.”

We can only imagine that this is where the orgy of revenge comes in. Maybe J-Love can wreak vengeance by blinding the would-be oppressors with her bedazzled lady bits?

Is this a desperate move or bold career choice on Hewitt’s part? Render your verdict in the comments section!