Jon Gosselin Impersonator Has A Surprisingly Hard Time Getting Chicks

If Jon Gosselin can’t even get a date then why would a Jon Gosselin impersonator (yes, you read that right) think he’d have a better chance with the ladies if he posed as Jon?

An unnamed man has been trolling around Atlantic City, looking for love in all the wrong places while trying to pass himself off as the Ed Hardy-wearing former reality television star.

From the pictures, it appears that all it takes to be a Jon Gosselin impersonator is to be vaguely Asian-looking, chubby and wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

However, this hero’s quest to get laid by pretending to be Jon has shockingly not been impressing the ladies. One spy reports:

Most women just laugh at him, but I guess maybe some fall for the act. He’s kind of annoying, and he totally pesters women. There’s one girl that he’s been pursuing relentlessly for a couple of months now, and he keeps telling her that he’s the real Jon Gosselin, which obviously she disputes. He once went to her sorority house at 3 a.m. With a brand new Ferrari and told her it was a present for her. Obviously, she didn’t accept it, we’re pretty sure it was a rental in fact!

Wait, this guy is desperate around women, clingy, creepy and thinks that women would be impressed by Ferrari rentals? Are we sure that this isn’t actually Jon Gosselin?

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