Jon Gosselin Is Single Again, Ladies

Jon Gosselin Is Single Again, Ladies-photo

Will Jon Gosselin ever find true love? After a two-month relationship with his latest squeeze, 25-year-old law student Morgan Christie, the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has been dumped, and from all reports the split has left a big ouchie on his heart.

Which is understandable, since according to all accounts Gosselin and Morgan's relationship began as a model of bliss and creepy pawing:

"Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing. Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was."

But, alas, the budding attorney (who Gosselin met while snowboarding in Utah) has moved on to greener—or at least more age-appropriate—pastures, leaving Papa Jon in an existential funk that no trip to the Ed Hardy outlet store can cure. According to one source,

"He's a mess and feels like a loser."

Jon Gosselin, a loser? Bite your tongue!

Of course, with the recent rash of celebrity breakups that has plagued Show-Biz Land in recent weeks, Big Jon should have his pick of rebound babes.

Who do you think Jon Gosselin should hook up with next? Share your advice in the comments section!



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  • Jeanne

    This man is a total loser. Who in their right mind would want him?

  • molly

    Maybe he should try to hook up with an older rich woman this time. She has already been around the block and would just be looking for a male companion and could be the grandma age person the kids need in their life. If he were to get a job, I think more women would start to respect him.