Kate Moss Kisses Man For $7,500, Gives Hope To Creepy Rich Men Everywhere (PHOTOS)

Would you pay $7,500 to kiss a supermodel? One man was more than willing to drop thousands of dollars for the opportunity to lock lips with Kate Moss. The kiss was auctioned off for charity last year but it took almost a year’s time for the two to pucker up. (Apparently, there was a scheduling conflict.)

Kate Moss was spotted smooching with the auction-winner at the Mummy Rocks! benefit in London last night. Moss said she wore lots of red lipstick for the kiss but announced that there wouldn’t be any tongue.

The Daily Mail reported that Moss was having a wild time at the benefit, and by “wild,” we are pretty sure they mean “drunk.” Moss was seen flailing around during karaoke and dancing with friends.

But how was the drunken, over-priced kiss for the man who wasn’t above looking like a desperate fool for a chance to be near Moss? “She’s as tasty as she looks.” Gag. No wonder this man has to pay for kisses.

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