Michelle McGee Slams Critics In The Classy Fashion We’ve Come To Know Her For

Delicate flower Michelle McGee is certainly relishing her time in the spotlight after she broke her silence about an alleged 11-month affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James.

The alt-porn star has posted an offer on her website to show more revealing photos and videos of herself for the bargain basement price of $9.95. Actually that price sounds a little high, since we’ve been so overloaded with nude pictures of McGee that we could probably chart her tattoos from memory.

Not only has she begun pimping herself out, McGee has also taken to Facebook to slam her critics. She left one message after news broke that she was “dropped” from being a spokesmodel for Angry White Boy Clothing:

Funny how Angry White Boy clothing rode my coat tail ’til he realized he’d profit more by “dropping” me..crazy how a short photo shoot for a favor turned into a “spokesperson” title…don’t forget why you’re getting all this publicity. Enjoy your 15 mins of fame….they will be shorter than mine :)

Yes, Angry White Boys, don’t forget where you are getting all of this publicity from: a woman who blabbed about an affair she had with a famous woman’s husband.

But, what does Michelle have to say to her critics? Surely this classy lass would know how to deflect criticism in a discreet and meaningful way, right?

For all you internet warriors on here talking sh*t…it’s easy to place judgment when you’re sitting behind a keyboard. Get off your God damn high horse, your sh*t don’t smell like roses either. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…in other words F**K YOU.

Is that what that old Biblical verse is really saying? Huh, you learn a new thing every day.