Robert Pattinson Admits That He Hits Like A Girl

There are a lot of things that Robert Pattinson assuredly is: handsome, dreamy, cute and good-looking. However, there is also one thing that our dreamboat RPattz definitely is not, and that is strong.

Robert reported that the stuntmen on the set of his film Remember Me would laugh at him when he performed stunts. For a few scenes, RPattz had to punch the stuntmen in their faces, but his brute strength left something to be desired:

I punched the stuntman’s face four times — as hard as I could and he just grinned at me and said he didn’t feel a thing. It was frustrating.

Not that Robert’s lack of manly strength makes us like him any less. In fact, we love Robert because of his softer edge.

We all know that Robert was sent down from Planet Cute to furrow his magical brow and awaken our souls to a kinder, gentler dreamboat. He isn’t your typical man candy, posturing masculinity with pumped up muscles, he is just our sweet, sassy Robert. He can punch us in the face any day of the week! Uh, wait…no, that sounds wrong, we don’t mean that.