Rupert Grint Gets All Sexy and Menacing In ‘Cherrybomb’ Trailer (VIDEO)

What have they done with our Rupert Grint? Hair slicked back? Having sexy sex? Smoking? Drug-taking?!!!? This is not the Ron Weasley we’ve come to know and love!

Check out the new trailer for Harry Potter actor Grint’s upcoming release Cherrybomb, in which the former wand-waver plays Malachy, who goes on a drug-and-crime spree with a pair of pals and finds his life spiraling out of control. Well, at least he’s not hanging out naked with horses or anything. Yet. As far as we know.

Cherrybomb, which also stars James Nesbitt, Robert Sheehan and Kimberly Nixon, opens in UK theaters on April 23.

What do you think—are you willing to accept this all-grown-up, and not a little seedy, Rupert 2.0? Share your glee and/or lamentations n the comments section!