Victoria's Secret Models Celebrate 15 Years Of Victoria's Secret Models In Bikinis (PHOTOS)

So what did you do last night? Did you sit around in your underpants and eat potato chips while photoshopping yourself into photos with Robert Pattinson, like us? (What?)

Well those poor dear Victoria's Secret models Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel attended a snazzy fete in Los Angeles, celebrating the brand's 15 years of selling bikinis, bathing suits and other fun summer girl things.

Also in attendence: Joel and Benji Madden, Russell Brand and other men who jump at the opportunity to breathe the same air as a Victoria's Secret model.

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  • damn

    I heart candice. gorgeous!!

  • rahilvoll

    Alessandra Ambrosio Nude free Photo and Video 2010 ! good quality...

  • lady

    the dress has been worn before but the sleeve is on the other arm

  • lady

    The dress looks horrible on the top.

  • hazel

    the boobs are pushed up a little too far

  • omarion91

    Russel is funny !!

  • danica

    Hi, I'm Carlos Mencia and I know what your thinking AND I agree with you. I will take your advice and rent ALL of Dane Cook's DVD's, lock myself into a room, tell my 14 kids to keep quite and not come out until I can at least get a giggle out of a baby.