At Least One Of Jesse James’ Other Women Respects Mistress Code of Keeping One’s Mouth Shut

Well, at least somebody’s displaying a modicum of class in this whole Jesse James debacle.

An unnamed woman who claimed last week that she, too, had engaged in sexual relations with Sandra Bullock’s husband will not be coming forward to tell her story. According to the anonymous adultery enabler’s lawyer, Gloria Allred (who also repped alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel):

“I can confirm that she has decided not to tell her story.  have no other comment.”

Allred first made mention of her client—who is the fourth woman to have claimed that she slept with James during his marriage to Bullock—last Thursday, describing her as “a beautiful model and businesswoman” who had “a three year intimate relationship with” the Monster Garage star. According to Allred, the relationship “JUST RECENTLY ENDED after the scandal broke.”

Also according to Allred, her client possesses hundreds of text messages, e-mails and photos backing up her claims, so it looks like we’ll be spared some major icky details in a story that’s already overflowing with TMI moments. Um, yay?

Are you disappointed or relieved that Jesse’s fourth alleged mistress won’t be spilling the deets? Let us know in the comments section.