BUZZINGS: Uma Thurman’s ‘Motherhood’ Bombs In The UK, Surprising The Six People Who Had Heard Of Film

Uma Thurman’s newest movie Motherhood was a massive, magnificent bomb in the UK, where is pulled in roughly $130 on its opening weekend. That probably covered the paychecks for 1.5 extras. (Huffington Post)

Speaking of bombs: J.D. Shapiro, the screenwriter for Battlefield Earth says “sorry” for writing, in his words, one of the “suckiest” of “sucky movies.” Oh, and apparently John Travolta called the film the “Shindler’s List of sci-fi” which is just weird. (PopEater)

• Could a Full House reunion be in the works? Lori Loughlin isn’t so sure, but that won’t stop the internet from trying. (LimeLife)

• Today in relatable celebrity news: 50 Cent was paid $75,000 to utter one word (“Hey”) to a packed club in Liverpool, England. (Starpulse)

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is apparently a big fan of that “Three Wolf Moon” t-shirt that was an ironic sensation one year ago. We guess liking things that are past their prime explains why she went after Jesse James. (Dlisted)