Carrie Prejean Tells Christian PR Firm: “Thou Shalt Not Be Paid”

Back in April of 2009, Carrie Prejean hired A. Larry Ross Communications, a “Christian-focused” PR firm, to help her spread a “biblically correct” message of underage topless photos and anti-gay marriage rants.

Unfortunately, Carrie mistook “Christian-focused” for “Christian charity” and decided to skip out on paying the firm’s $64,857 bill. Well, it’s not like the Bible says anything bad about stealing, right?

Now, the PR firm is suing Carrie Prejean for the money that is reportedly due to them.

According to the lawsuit which was filed earlier this month in Texas, Carrie contacted the firm about helping her correct her image and logged “hundreds of hours” employing the firm’s services.

Considering that it seemed at a point like you couldn’t hear the word “Christian” on TV without Carrie popping up and giving her two-cents on Fox News, we would say that it appears that the firm did their job.

Is it “biblically correct” to skip out on paying your bills, Carrie?