Chris Brown Having Trouble Finding People To Party With Him On His Birthday

Chris Brown might want to hold off on ordering the jumbo-sized cake for his birthday party this year. The “I Can Transform Ya” singer turns the big 2-1 on May 5, but he’s having trouble securing a venue for his bash, due to the black eye that his reputation received after he beat up his former girlfriend Rihanna last year. According to a source, the singer has approached various clubs in New York, Miami and Las Vegas, only to be shunned by the clubs’ owners:

“They don’t want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship, with Rihanna.”

*Sigh*; people can be so fickle! Brown is reportedly now looking into restaurants and private homes in the Manhattan area as possible locations for his soiree.

If that doesn’t work out, maybe Charlie Sheen would be interested in playing host for the event. Seems like the two of them might have a thing or two in common.

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