Does Nick Jonas Need A Permit To Bring Those Guns On A Boat? (PHOTOS)

O Captain, my Captain! Nick Jonas is really working overtime to set our hearts aflutter.

Nick was spotted this weekend heading out to the high seas in a chartered boat in Long Beach, California. Apparently all he could bring with him was a revealing tank top, his guns and his pole (fishing pole that is, you creeps).

We hope our dashing Captain Nick made a big catch on his fishing day.

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  • BleppppppGirrrllll :L
    BleppppppGirrrllll :L

    Hahhaa!!!! Did he no that ,, or is it an accident. niice ass Nick!!! :L

  • NicoleJonas

    f*ckin` HOT!

  • LiliJonas

    oh my god, nick ur ass is awesome. i love you yeah i love that ass too... nick you are so hot...

  • jordanjonas

    oh my god, nick ur ass is awesome. i love you

  • diana berenice ramirez more
    diana berenice ramirez more

    amoo.. a los jonas bRothers...

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    WOOOOW I see muscles !!! :D

  • naina

    he luks grt. nd i realy admire him fr cuming out of d whole "jonas brothers" thing nd show his real talent nd capability:)

  • devilsrain

    How tall is this kid, 5'7? LOL

  • kysmelly

    f*ckin queerbait

  • nickjonasluver

    hey hey - woot!!!!, fishing trip? dude please take me with you!!!!!!

  • germanxxannie

    i always loved him, he just is hot. but lately it seems like he definitly knows that, too. and that's so macho...

  • gds0008

    WOW! what a muscular hottie!

  • andy

    nick: hi i'm nick nice to meet ya. girl: nice to meet you I'm ___________. envy her ahah


    lol awww look at his tan!

  • obsessed

    dont like him but his arms look niceee !