Hailey Glassman Lands a Reality Show, Because the World Simply Demands It

Are you ready for some more Hailey Glassman? Yeah, us neither, but it’s coming our way anyway. Glassman, 22, best known for being former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin’s rebound relationship after he split with his wife Kate, has taken her first step toward her inevitable media domination by inking a deal for her very own reality TV show.

According to Glassman, the show will chronicle her relocation to Southern California, as she moves 3,000 miles away in an effort to put an entire country between herself and her ex-boyfriend’s cooties:

“I’m moving out in August and probably moving to the Santa Monica area. I was offered to do a show called Starting Over, which will be about me leaving New York and all the negative behind me.”

So what can we expect from this sure-to-be instant classic? Apparently, plenty of fish-out-of-water hilarity as Glassman  adjusts to an alien environment and attempts to establish an identity of her own outside the shadow of Papa Jon’s beer belly:

“I don’t know LA at all, I could love it, I could be the biggest trainwreck. My mom is so upset, but I have to grow up. Living in my parents’ house is going to keep me a little girl forever. I have to be out on my own. I need to find my passion again and figure out who I am. The world only knows me as the tabloid Hailey. Hopefully through this show they’ll see me for who I really am.”

Don’t worry, Hailey; believe it or not, there are plenty of middle-aged, Ed Hardy-clad greaseballs in Los Angeles to date too, so you should feel right at home.

Would you tune in to Hailey Glassman’s show, even if just for the train-wreck effect?  Drop your thoughts in the comments section.