Jude Law’s Hair Makes A Surprise Reappearance On Set (PHOTOS)

It’s no secret that Jude Law’s hairline is receding faster Lindsay Lohan’s career, but could the World’s Hottest Bad Dad be getting some extra help in the hair department?

There are rumors going around that Jude got hair plugs, which might explain why his hair looks so thick and un-Jude-Law-like during filming for a Dior Homme commercial.

We don’t know if Law got plugs, since we thought that it took awhile for the hair to grow back (then again, we aren’t exactly male hair loss treatment experts) and it looks like Law’s golden locks grew back rather quickly.

The speed of hair renewal can only leave two options: toupee or Hair In A Can.

Considering that Law is a handsome, classy international film star with millions and millions of dollars to spend on maintaining his good looks we’re going to go with the Hair In A Can.

Click through the gallery and judge for yourself if Jude has magical hair-growing powers.

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