Katy Perry Kissed Justin Bieber And She Liked It

Justin Bieber is the lust-object of every 14-year-old girl in America, and now even full-grown women have fallen under the spell of Baby Biebs’ charm.

Katy Perry tweeted a photo of her kissing 16-year-old Bieber backstage at the Kids’ Choice Awards with the caption:

…Told you I would tap that. Yummy.

Uh, what? Does Katy know that “tap that” means “have sex with?”

We’re going to give Katy the benefit of the doubt and assume that she did not mean to imply that she had sex with an underage pop sensation. She’s bi-curious, not pedo-curious!

We know that Biebs’ hair has magical powers and that looking into his Baby Browns is like looking into the eyes of an angel, but Katy needs to restrain herself a bit. We all have love for Justin, Katy.