Lady Gaga Celebrates 24th Birthday With Tears, Booze And Urine (VIDEO)

Lady GaGa celebrated 24 years of fierceness yesterday by watching a fan-made birthday video and trolling the streets of Australia for a “bar that smells like urine.”

With regards to the first method of birthday celebration: GaGa watched a 10 minute long fan-made video comprised of different fans from all over the world wishing her a happy birthday.

After she watched the video, GaGa went on Twitter and reported on her experience watching the video:

i’ve never cried so hard in 24 years, from pure joy and unconditional love. Tears still streaming.

But GaGa’s birthday wasn’t all tears and fans, GaGa had to party:

I am going to find the nearest bar that smells like urine and get very drunk. I’m going to be 24. I don’t feel young.

Nothing says, “It’s my birthday!” quite like doing shots at a pee-soaked dive bar.

Watch the GaGa-tear-inducing fan video below.

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