Levi Johnston Vows To Battle Sarah Palin With Own Alaska-Themed Show

With news that Sarah Palin has landed her own reality television show, Levi Johnston has decided that the world has not yet had its share of Palin family drama.

Johnston, the attention-seeking baby daddy of Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol, is threatening to launch his own reality television show to battle Sarah Palin’s Planet Earth-style nature show on the Discovery Channel.

Johnston’s show would also be an Alaska-based show, but the details of the show have not been made available. While Sarah’s show is reportedly going to focus on nature, maybe Levi is going to show the “reality” of his kind of Alaska, complete with hillbillies, teenage fathers and “Wasilla-hot” young men who move to Hollywood to follow their dreams and pose nude in Playgirl magazine.

Johnston is reportedly pitching his show by driving a RV around to all the major networks. Sounds classy!

Perez Hilton is calling Johnston’s pitch “$mart,” so, you know, there’s that.

We bet Sarah is so proud of her daughter for hooking up with Johnston.

Would you watch a Johnston-style Alaska reality show over Sarah Palin’s show?