Lindsay Lohan Spotted With Mystery White Powder In Last Place You'd Expect (PHOTOS)

What on Earth is going on with Lindsay Lohan's feet?

Lohan was spotted leaving a friend's house in California with a mysterious white powder coming from her stilettos.

This newest trip (not literal, this time) for Lohan into late-night weirdness has us asking many questions. Are Lohan's feet the subject of an Anthrax attack? Did she hide an eight-ball in her feet? Did Lohan go overboard on the Odor Eaters before leaving the house?

We guess we'll never know.

Click here to see more photos of Lohan's mystery powder.>/p>



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  • Listentoit

    My feet are so stoned, I can't even feel them anymore.

  • Listentoit

    Put my Coke in my shoes, now I have to smell my own feet to get high. Damn cheap plastic bags. Oh well.

  • mexican girl
    mexican girl

    Maybe... just maybe... her feets smell really bad and she use deodorant talcum powder

  • roeschs3

    Someone has stinky feet.