Tiger Woods' Wife Is Oddly Unenthusiastic About Attending The Masters to Support Him This Year

Tiger Woods' Wife Is Oddly Unenthusiastic About Attending The Masters to Support Him This Year-photo

While Tiger Woods may be excited for his "return to golf" at the Masters on April 8th, his wife Elin Nordegren isn't thrilled.

According to sources, Elin doesn't want to attend the Masters. Gee, why wouldn't she want to do that?

Tiger's camp is asking Elin to come out and show support for Tiger, but Elin is trying to find an excuse to get out of showing public support. Elin is reportedly planning to fly--gasp!--commercial to Sweden on the day of the Masters and hang out with family and friends while her husband golfs. (Apparently she finds Tiger's private jet to be too "in your face.")

We know that Elin might have quite a few reasons for not attending the Masters, but we can see why hanging out with your pals would be a welcome alternative to watching a golf game. Golf isn't exactly known as the most exciting sport to watch.



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  • Calvin Tonai
    Calvin Tonai

    ambitious but on the other hand it makes me excited . I am not absolutely convinced of this.

  • just commenting
    just commenting

    In the end, golf is just a game. Personal and family life are what one needs to focus on.

  • Carmen

    How could Tiger Woods or anyone else ask or expect Elin to go to the Masters? How insensitive can they be? Elin has suffered enough, already. Elin does not need to subject herself to the frenzy and circus like atmosphere that seems to accompany Tiger Woods everywhere he goes. Elin and the children have been the true innocent victims in this horrid ordeal!

  • tex

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