What Is Gerard Butler Doing To Jennifer Aniston’s Bottom? (PHOTOS)

This is not the time to argue the legitimacy of the romantic affections between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.  This is not the time to discuss Jen’s long line of “leading men” tabloid romances, whether she’ll ever get over Brad, or if she’s forever doomed to be a bridesmaid. This is the time to discuss wtf Gerard’s fingers were doing on Jen’s bottom during the Parisian premiere of The Bounty Hunter!

He’s got the hand firmly planted on the rear with the two middle fingers…well, this is a family-oriented site, so let’s just say, pointed toward the moon.

Check out all the Hollywood archive photos you like, you’ll never see Humphrey Bogart giving the bird to Lauren Bacall’s bootside.  Spencer Tracy never diddled Kate Hepburn’s rump at a movie premiere.

We get that you’re a player, Gerard.  You don’t need to rub it in our faces.  Or, you know, our butts.

Tell us what you think — accidental hand misplacement or is Gerry handling Jen like a piece of meat?