Demi Lovato Goes Crazy For 'Grey's Anatomy'

Demi Lovato Goes Crazy For 'Grey's Anatomy'-photo

Grey's Anatomy may have lost some diva-power when Katherine Heigl decided to split from the show earlier this year, but the show has just gained a healthy-dosing of teen celebrity.

Demi Lovato announced via Twitter that she would be spending this week filming a guest spot for Grey's which Demi called "fulfilling one of my biggest dreams."

Demi will reportedly be playing a schizophrenic patient for an episode that will air sometime in May.

It is nice to see Demi branching out and showing her acting range. Do you think Demi will be able to play a convincing schizophrenic on Grey's?



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  • Maruja Duvalina
    Maruja Duvalina

    i cant wait for her on greys anatomy so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaBombsFul

    yes she would play it perfectly . shes crazy so its perfect for her exept she may have to play her crazyness down a little bit to play it convinsingly (sorry can't spell.)