James Franco To Get Ph.D. In Handsomeness At Yale

After his less-than-impressive turn as a published author James Franco, our imaginary boyfriend, has decided to continue to pursue his scholarly exploration of the arts and letters by applying for the doctorate program at Yale. Yes, that Yale, and yes, really.

Franco is already a noted scholar and has already received his MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, one of the best writing MFA programs in the nation.

But Ph.D. programs are tough and demanding, taking anywhere from four to seven years to complete, and, from what we’ve seen (and it pains us to say this) Franco isn’t really that great of a writer. But then again, maybe Franco isn’t getting his Ph.D. in writing or literature, maybe he is getting it in being a dreamboat, which, you know, he is already kind of an expert on.

The real shocker of all of this is that Franco was actually accepted into the Ph.D. English program at Yale, but he is still thinking over his decision to become an academic.

We think Franco should reconsider his decision to go to Yale. Franco will probably be too busy writing his dissertation to act and we don’t think the world could go on with limited access to Franco’s dreamboat-y-ness.