Jesse James Manages to Silence Another Alleged Mistress

We already knew that Jesse James holds some kind of magical sway over women, but the ability to stop them from blabbing embarrassing personal information about him? Put that in a bottle, Jesse, and you’ll be a bazillionaire.

Photographer Brigitte Daguerre, who earlier this month claimed to have had a one-year relationship with Sandra Bullock’s husband-for-now, has decided to take the high road and will no longer divulge intimate details about her supposed illicit affair with the Monster Garage wrench-turner. This seems to be something of a trend, following news on Monday that an unnamed woman who also claims to have bedded James won’t be going public with details about her sordid affair.

Of course, all this comes after Daguerre already revealed James’ simian wooing techniques, so, horses, barn door, etc., but according to the shutterbug she’s really sorry that the whole thing even came up:

“This mess was a series of unfortunate events that I regret deeply. One of which was confiding in someone I thought was a friend. Most of what I have read and heard is untrue or wildly exaggerated.”

Such as? Well, according to Daguerre,

“People I never spoke with are quoting me saying things I never said. Jesse and I were friends, he was never at my home, he never paid for my home and he never gave me any money.”

Looks like it’s up to James’ other alleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, to provide us with our US RDA of TMI. Luckily, when it comes to over-sharing, she seems to be more than up to the task.