Justin Bieber's New Video "Never Let You Go" Won't Let Go Of Our Hearts (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's New Video

Another new Justin Bieber music video? Yes, please! The 16-year-old prodigy has released his latest video, this time for the single "I'll Never Let You Go" off his new cd My World 2.0. This time, Baby Biebs has graduated from the bowling alley and moved on to a giant fish tank and the beach in the beautiful Bahamas. He's also got a cute new love interest, played by actress Paige Hurd.

Behold Baby Bieb's latest masterpiece below and let u know what you think in the comment section!



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  • jryan

    there's a reason he covers his fourhead... with out the bangs he looks 12.

  • rawr

    Do the next video nude Hey hes gotta do it sometime. why not make it the next video :D

  • j.gros

    leuke clip hoor en je bent super leuk. groetjes janneke from the nederlands.

  • julie 45
    julie 45

    .aff I found this clip very beautiful, although at the time he q ta white he barely appears in the picture because he is white i white gathering everything he does not even appear. Yet MORE I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER DE PAIXAO

  • kelly0eminemfan

    she is just about the luckiest girl in the world hes so hot

  • aisha

    in 3d! lol

  • A; Babiiee
    A; Babiiee

    He's sooo cuteeee. Every girl in his videos are really luck :) I can't wait to meet him this summer

  • Amy

    yeah hes sooo hot!! that girl is so lucky!!!!! but what is she wearing?? gross. lol

  • Stefaany

    I love you Justin Bieber

  • letmedohim

    [quote=beanna so hood]this is cute!!! he looks hot He is so do-able, i know what that mouth needs!

  • beanna so hood
    beanna so hood

    this is cute!!! he looks hot

  • beebahot

    Do the next video nude YUM YUM YUM

  • ad

    gread good song ,and good video too. i loved 5 star

  • hot4him

    in 3d!

  • gailhunnicut

    lol with a boner

  • just4me

    Do the next video nude