Kate Gosselin Alienates Partner, Breaks Down On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Kate Gosselin has been having a tough time on the Dancing With The Stars set, shooting down rumors that she is an unpleasant diva and adjusting to life with hair that doesn’t look like it belongs on an emo kid living in Orange County in 2003. Now, Kate suffered a break down as a behind-the-scenes clip shown yesterday revealed the tensions that arose between her partner Tony Dovolani and herself.

The clip showed Kate complaining about being “stressed” and that Tony feel that she “undermines” his teaching before turning to Tony and saying, “you’re not taking into consideration how I learn!” Yeah, that sounds pretty undermine-y.

Afterwards, Kate said she was “done” for the day and walked off with Tony removing his mic pack and saying, “I quit!” which sparked Kate to break down and cry.

Luckily, the two patched things up, with Kate laying claim for the sympathy vote by announcing that “a lot of people quit on me in my life.” It might be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

We’d like to say that Kate and Tony pulled through and wowed the judges with their great teamwork and skill, but Kate gave a horrible performance, rolled her eyes during the judging, prompting judge Bruno Tonioli to tell Kate that she needs “to get acting lessons.”