Lady GaGa Can Trigger An Orgasm With Her Mind, And Other Important Facts

Lady GaGa is a certified alien from the Planet Fabulous, or at least that is what a story for New York magazine has revealed. The article charts GaGa’s rise to become, in the magazine’s words, “the world’s biggest pop star,” but it also reveals a few very strange/wonderful things about the pop star.

Let’s begin with the memory-triggered orgasms, shall we?:

At 11, she began attending a full day of acting classes on Saturdays. ‘I remember the first time that I drank out of an imaginary coffee cup,’ [GaGa] says, closing her eyes. ‘That’s the very first thing they teach you. I can feel the rain, too, when it’s not raining.’ Her lids pop open. ‘I don’t know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm.’ She hisses a little, like one of the deviant vampires in True Blood ‘You know, sense memory is quite powerful.’

Mental orgasms? Of course GaGa can trigger mental orgasms, we wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

Other revelations? GaGa was popular in high school and breasts that she described as “much bigger, and firm, and delicious” which earned her a nickname of Big Boobs McGee. Sounds like a great title for her next album.

GaGa was also apparently signed by L.A. Reid to make a record for Island Def Jam but after she produced tracks for the record, L.A. decided to drop her:

She signed a deal with Island Def Jam for $850,000, according to a member of her camp, but after she produced the tracks, the line went dead. Three dinners were scheduled with Reid, but he canceled on each. Finally, Gaga got a call from her A&R rep at Island Def Jam: He had played a track in a meeting, and after a couple minutes Reid made a slitting motion across his throat.

We bet he feels like a dumbass now. You should never deny the GaGa, never!

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