Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Streak of Rational Behavior by Pitching a Twit-Fit at George Lopez

Gee, ya think Lindsay Lohan might have a little bit too much free time on her hands these days? Taking a break from her busy schedule of getting turned away from parties, LiLo took to her Twitter page this morning to address a very important topic: Namely, a joke that comedian George Lopez made about her on his talk show.

Apparently, Lopez recently cracked wise about some photos of Lohan that showed her with a mysterious cloud of white powder emanating from her shoes, suggesting, according to reports, that—ha, ha!—the Mean Girls actress was using the powder to loosen her tight shoes. We’re not sure how Lohan found out about the joke, because we’re assuming that she spends every weeknight at 11 screaming incoherently under Samantha Ronson’s window, but somehow she got wind of it and she wasn’t happy, tweeting

@georgelopez thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather* don’t you have kids? U wouldn’t wanna hear that about them, or would you? Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself.

Right. Because if there’s one thing that Lindsay Lohan is qualified to lecture people about, it’s having respect and dignity for one’s self. She really should teach a class on the subject for The Learning Annex.

Lopez replied by making what will likely go down as the biggest tactical mistake of his career, aside from signing on for Beverly Hills Chihuahua: He invited LiLo onto his show so they could talk through it face to face. Yes, stupid but true:

@lindsaylohan let’s take this off twitter .. Come on the show .. I’ve met you before and don’t have anything against you. you want me to stop talking about you I will .. Come and tell me .. To my face .. I’ll stop !! Respectfully.

We’re just going to assume that this is all an elaborate scheme concocted by Lindsay’s father Michael to stage a nationally televised intervention for his daughter. But either way, Lindsay shouldn’t be so uptight; if Lopez had really wanted to make a cruel joke at her expense, he could have simply played a clip from Labor Pains.