Lindsay Lohan Is Two Jello Shots Away From Being Locked Up By The LAPD

Here’s a shocker: Lindsay Lohan is a mess.

The LAPD are concerned about Lohan since they usually see her at when she has been partying, drinking and generally acting like a train-wreck (or in other words, they see Lohan during most of her waking hours).

Reportedly, the LAPD have grown so concerned about Lindsay’s well-being that they have considered taking her in for a 5150, or involuntary psychiatric hold. Basically, in layman’s terms, they are thinking about throwing her in the loony bin.

However, the LAPD have held back on taking Lohan away in a straight-jacket just yet, since they think she could still take care of herself, “though feebly.”

Lohan, meanwhile, is denying that she is a train-wreck, saying that she is “fine, working and healthy.” Working? OK, now we know Lohan is lying, she couldn’t keep a job if they paid her in cocaine.