Luke Wilson Apparently Not Enthusiastic About Role As AT&T Pitchman

Spies on the set of one of Luke Wilson’s AT&T commercials report that Wilson has acting “miserable” during filming, probably because those annoying AT&T commercials are incredibly awful.

The source says that Wilson will request that lines be rewritten and refuses to shoot scenes with other actors, so all scenes with different actors have to be shot with doubles and edited together.

What is it with stars not wanting to appear in the same frame as another human being? Is this some sort of Hollywood power-play move? Isn’t interacting with other actors an integral part of acting?

The spy reports that Like is “annoyed” that he has to do commercial work and that he makes the filming experience “miserable” for everyone on set. Just in case the spy hasn’t paid a clear enough picture for you, they finish off by saying that Luke is “unprofessional and unpleasant.”

While we don’t doubt that Luke is probably unhappy about appearing in one of the most irksome ad campaigns of the year but it isn’t like he has anything else to do.