Megan Fox Doesn't Want To Be Next Angelina Jolie, Disappoints Men Everywhere

Megan Fox Doesn't Want To Be Next Angelina Jolie, Disappoints Men Everywhere-photo

Sorry, dudes, you won't be seeing Megan Fox swinging from harnesses in short-shorts anytime soon.

Megan Fox has turned down a chance to become the next Lara Croft for the Tomb Raider franchise, reportedly because she wants to stop the comparisons between her and Angelina Jolie.

We can feel Fox's pain: if we had a nickel for every time someone told us we reminded them of Angelina Jolie we would have...well, nothing.

What is so wrong with being compared to one of the most successful and beautiful actresses working today? Fox apparently doesn't like being put into "a box," and she is afraid that people are putting her in Jolie's box (tee hee).

People have often compared the two actresses. Fox looks very similar to Jolie and, as Fox says, they both "have a lot of tattoos."



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  • Hope and Change
    Hope and Change

    Hang in there Megan. I don't think you look like a skeleton-hag. Good luck!

  • gia

    Well... Megan Fox can only dream of playing Lara Croft. No one offered her the role. It was just her people try to get her more publicity buzz. Megan Fox doesn't have ability to play Lara Croft. She's not atletict/martial art person like Angelina Jolie is. She can't even act to begin with. Dream on...miss Fox. Keep telling your fans about not wanting to be compared to miss Jolie. Even though you can't stop mentioning her name, and copying her to save your life.

  • yeah

    I sucks that she turned it down, I think she would have made an awesome Lara Croft, but it does speak good about her. If she really wants to stop the comparisons this is the kind of stuff she has to do. I bet that movie would have been huge, could have turned into a franchise for her and nevertheless she stayed away from it.

  • hjgfhjköl

    megan will never be like angelina jolie...megan is a plastic want to be like angelina jolie....and angelina jolie fans dont want you to play lara croft...the movie would be with megan a huge flop

  • jerk

    We don't need another Angelina Jolie. We have one too many already.

  • Not her, Please
    Not her, Please

    she would have to french-kiss her brother, wear a vile of blood and steal another man's woman... Megan is way different.

  • sid

    then she should stop bringing Jolie's name everytime. when will she ever learn. she will never be Jolie. ever.

  • lara

    she doesnt want to be "the next.." she want to be MEGAN FOX..and thats wonferful.... :) i love her .