Robert Pattinson Makes Women Buy Him Drinks Because He Is Robert Pattinson

Although Robert Pattinson may be a dreamy, millionaire movie star but he is rumored to not be very fond of paying his own way.

Robert was reportedly spotted at a bar with a female friend and he was very reluctant to pull out his wallet and pay for their round. It is also rumored that R-Pattz likes to make his female fans take him out to dinner when he is bored and hungry.

Now, in all fairness, perhaps Robert’s female friend had told him she was going to buy him a round, or he had forgotten his wallet or he didn’t have any cash on him. There are plenty of reasonable explanations as to why he wasn’t paying for that particular round of drinks. Who hasn’t spotted their friend for a drink from time-to-time?

And as for having his fans take him out to dinner, who doesn’t like a free meal? We’re sure the girls he took out to dinner enjoyed dining with their favorite star. Hell, we would take R-Pattz out to dinner. Well, we would take him to McDonald’s, but we would still take him out!

Would you buy Robert Pattinson a drink?