Whitney Port Extends Her High-Tech Passover Greetings to One and All

When you’re one of reality TV’s best and brightest lights with a schedule full of awesomeness to fulfill, sometimes you have to get creative about celebrating the holidays.

Just ask The City enchantress Whitney Port, who had to apply a high-tech twist to Passover this year due to her career obligations in New York. Port took to her official Web site today to reveal how technology helped her to bridge the geographical gap between herself and her family:

“Last night my family had a Passover Seder in LA and I of course could not be there because I was in NY.  My mom had a great idea that we could all video chat, so at the end of their dinner they passed the computer around and I got to talk to everyone. It felt like I was there! [Sister] Ashley showed me her new long nails (she has bitten them for years and finally has grown them out), [Port’s other sister] Jadey was laying on the couch not feeling well, my mom was loving the camera, and my grandparents were the cutest ever! They took these pictures while we were video chatting and so I had to post them. I hope everyone who is keeping Passover has an easy week.  Chag Sameach!


Maybe a Chatroulette Passover next year?

Is your Passover going as awesomely as Whitney’s? Share your experiences in the comments section.